ATCs for work swap

For most of this year I’ve been feeling a little too overwhelmed to join official swaps, so I started a more casual ATC swap at my office (deadlines are verrrry loose 'cause we all know how to track each other down :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ). Here are some of the cards I’ve made for this swap (apologies if there are any double posts; I may have lost track of what I’ve already put up here).

This coworker had both her orange cat, Pixel, and Lord of the Rings on her themes list. And apparently she’d even named her car Sting, so that part was a lucky touch!

This coworker just requested food art of any kind.

Another coworker asked for dinosaurs:

And yet another, Stardew Valley:

The first one I made for this group was this one of Parappa the Rapper:


Wow! Love all of these! And how cool that you started a workplace ATC swap. I love the bell pepper best… does that mean I’m weird? I also love Parappa. Actually, I love all of them!


Aww, thanks! I’ve been really pleased with how much the workplace swap has taken off, actually; we’ve got about 15 active members now, and everyone is so talented and creative! :slight_smile:


That’s so cool that your co workers jumped on board with this!

Your Dino is my favorite!

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Very nice batch of ATCs! It sounds like a great workplace, too! I am very enamored of your red bell pepper!

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What a fun idea! All of your ATCs came out really nice. I too am a fan of your artsy pepper!

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These are fabulous!! I especially love the cat!

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