ATCs Jul/Aug 2023 by AIMR

I don’t join in the ATC swaps as much as I would love. I always enjoy the galleries and learning about new techniques and seeing all the little pieces of creativity! I decided to join in July and will try to make at least a few for the rest of the months of the year.

Here are the ones I made…and oddly, they seem to be all blue themed…

For @lynx…her bird theme–master board and bird cutout from tea bag wrapper

For @LindyBlues …artist choice for her and her artistically inclined daughter–more master board and plants/flowers from Fodder School

For @Kayrun for her tree/language theme – leaves were made from my under paper, torn into bits


Those are very pretty!

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they are all fabulous!
eta: I’m so happy with my sweet tree!

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These are wonderful! I love the tree/language one.


The “put a bird on it” is my favorite. it has a lovely composition and the splash of green makes it pop.


These are beautiful! I especially love how you did the leaves on the tree, it looks fantastic.

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My fav is Put A Bird On It but they’re all neat! Was the bird on the teabag or did you cut pieces of the teabag to design a collage bird? I like the markings on the ground under the bird and your text.

Thanks! It’s the logo of the tea company…they put it on all of their tea bags. I just fussy cut it out.

The background is one of the journal pages we did on Zoom…I always love those sessions and use the pieces we do as a group in some way. You should join us!


Thank you for the invite! Yes, I do plan to and also to get started doing swaps. I have to wait until I get in a better position to do those things. Life changes sometimes take longer than planned to get them resolved. :blush: Raring to go to get my home studio/workshop set up again! :sunflower:

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