Atlantic City Pop Up Card with Spinning Ferris Wheel

I like to make a card for my online bookclub annual gathering. This year we’re meeting up in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Video of the card opening and closing.

This pop up card started with a purchased design from Paper Soul. I simplified the wheel considerably, because I was making multiples.

I resized the wheel (85% of original size) to fit in a 6"x6" square card. I created a small portion of the A.C. skyline (including the hotel we’re staying in). I used the roller coaster from the purchased file.

Video of the wheel turning.


It’s very cool! Lovely that you can commemorate occasions in this way.

It must be such a treat for your bookclub members to receive your cards. This one is so festive!

Wow! That is cool. I am sure everyone will be impressed. Adding your hotel was a neat touch. I hope you have fun!


:fallen_leaf: :maple_leaf: :sparkles: Yay! This fall-tastic project is featured this week! :fallen_leaf: :maple_leaf: :sparkles:

This is just so awesome!!! Have fun in AC!!

It’s supposed to rain :frowning: . For me, no big deal, I live fairly close. I feel bad for those travelling from the west coast.

The ferris wheel itself is amazing but to include part of the actual skyline with your hotel is truly awesome! Great job!

Aw! Though I have had great times in AC without stepping outside. I’m sure you guys will make the most of it. Good company makes all the difference!

Wow! You and cards…. Amazing.