Atomic Kitty Cat Baby Quilt

Something you’ll learn about me very soon as I get more quilts finished and posted is that I love a good cat quilt. Cat blocks, cat patterns, everything. And to go right along with that, a dear animal lovin’ friend of mine was expecting her first little one this summer and was keeping the gender secret. I had always loved the Atomic Kitty Cat Pattern (see it here!) and finally had a use for it.

I raided my stash for everything except the background fabric, backing and sparkly black and this pattern that looked super intense was actually really easy!
I’m also a procrastinator a lot of the time, so this essentially was finished the day before the baby shower. I kept the quilting basic to let those kitty faces shine, and I can’t wait to make more of these adorable fellas.


Oh, so very cool! And the backing is purrfect! :cat:


This is great!! I love cat quilts too but hadn’t seen this pattern before. Someone in my guild designed a super cute quilt pattern with 3 different cat designs, I need to make it soon!

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Great baby quilt…I love the back fabric you used. It’s the perfect complement for the front :slight_smile:

That quilt is fab!

Great looking quilt! Love the kitties and the back is awesome.

Cat anything is amazing, and this is too!

really fun! the colors are really great. i for one can’t wait to see more cat quilts!

Spectacular! What an excellent colour palette for that awesome design. You did such a beautiful job with this, wow.

Such an awesome looking quit. I love the bold colors!

Fantastic work. I love how dynamic your color palette is. Well done.

This is adorable, I love these super bright kitty faces! That backing fabric is great too!

coming and going, this quilt is fun! it is sure to be an heirloom!

This is fantastic! Wonderful bold colors, awesome geometric kitty faces, darling whimsical background, and it’s all so neatly done! Wow!

Great quilt. I love that back fabric.

Wow, that is such a cool quilt! I love it :heart:

how cool is that??? LOVE IT!

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This is amazing! I’m so jealous of people who can create such beautiful and perfect quilts!


Love the pattern and your color choices! Good choice on the quilting too, suits the pattern well. Do you know where i can get some of that backing fabric?

Can you follow people on here? Ugh. I need to learn how to do that because I need to see all the cat quilts! I, too, love everything cats and this quilt is phenomenal. All that work! Wowza. It’s amazing, I can’t wait to see more!

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