Attempt at a simple apple cider

I had several apples (jazz variety, maybe? They were red) that weren’t so good to eat anymore, so being the “I don’t like to cook” person that I am, even boiling down apples is a new experience for me.

So, I peeled the apples and then put small pieces into my pot with some water and cinnamon and let them simmer on low heat for several hours.

As the water was absorbed I added more. I had to put the simmering on hold while I left to pick my son up from school, then picked it back up with some more water and a little higher heat. Occasionally I would stir and wisk.

I wasn’t sure how much water to add or how well the apples would thin out. By the time I decided I was done, it looked pretty good with just a few small chunks.

Ultimately, I was pleased that my apples did what they should do, but I needed more apples or less water. Also, while I thought I had quite a bit of cinnamon, when I drank it, that wasn’t very strong.

But, for my first try and no sugar, not bad! At least I didn’t just throw the dang apples away!

Poured into a mason jar mug, and bottoms up!

(Obviously, any tips are helpful. Keep in mind, I don’t have any special peelers or double boiler or anything like that.)


Oh my goodness, you must feel like such a domestic goddess! And yes, nice rescue of the apples. Looks delicious; wish I could taste it!


It was very weak–it needed less water or more apples. But, definitely a nice save!

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It needed to ferment…ha ha…then you wouldn’t care what it tasted like…


you make me laughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Yay for homemade cider!

Cook! Kitchen experiments are so fun, aren’t they? What did you do with the apple smash? It’s good in baking, replaces oil (like apple sauce, which is basically is). It’s also good in compost piles though, in case that’s where it ended up :smiley: