Aunts, ants everywhere!

Don’t you just hate it when you have aunts ants show up unannounced?


You know you need to keep that up year round…

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Oh this hits a little too close to home. The warmer weather means our evergreen battle with the local nest continues :grimacing:

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Ants are seriously the worst.

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Love it! :ant: :black_heart: :ant:

Don’t they know they should call first??

Ugh, aunts ants are the worst!

Pour aunts… never invited to the picnic.

Those darn aunts oh I mean ants

This is hilarious and makes me think of my youngest DIL … we pronounce Aunt as Ant but our DIL pronounces the u so it’s Aunt and reminds us often that’s ants are things you step on :smiley:

This would make an awesome addition to Halloween decor, methinks. I guess you thought so too, considering the table scarf and various gourds, duh… I love it!!

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Hee hee. Actually it was the Halloween video from the old site. I thought it would fit yesterday’s theme.

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Perfect!! :jack_o_lantern::heart::ant: