Aurora borealis or abstracted peacock

Finished up a quilt for a friend. It was initially a pattern that called to mind an abstract peacock. But I think adding in the black background changed the tone. I think it hints at the shimmery auroras.

Machine pieced and quilted. And while I REALLY wanted to quilt the whole thing in sparkly shimmery thread, I only got a 1/4 done before I decided my sanity was more valuable.


Ah, sanity…(that thread is pretty but evil)
Looks good with the multi-colored quilting threads, tho! :grin:

This is really beautiful. I can totally understand wanting the shimmer thread, but also letting that go for the sake of keeping at it :slight_smile: It’s still beautiful though! I totally see both the peacock inspiration and the Aurora Borealis interpretation. Beautifully done.

I still see peacock! I love this. the shimmer thread does look really good but sanity wins every time!

It is beautiful no matter what it is called…just those colors popping against the black…

What brand metallic thread do you use? It does give a nice shine and is unexpected!

That one was a Guterman I think.

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The quilt is very striking in those colors. Bold and clean.

I vote for sanity as well!