Autumn Plaid Dog Blanket from Thrifted, Vintage Yardage


A couple months back I found this really cool plaid fabric at the thrift store - about 3 yards for $5.99 or $6.99. I LOVE it even though yellow is not a color I can wear. After a little refresher and a burn test, I realize what I had was some 70s-ish polyester double knit - not very pleasant to touch or particularly valuable for resale. DOG BLANKET IT IS! Pardon the blurry snowflakes - we’re getting our first snow. :mountain_snow:


I already had a flannel in just the right warm grey that I had intended for a dog blanket project that I changed my mind about. I was willing to just sew them together right sides together, turn, and close up the opening, but… I wanted a little something decorative!

Enter GIANT ric rac! I have never used it before, despite how much I love ric rac, and I have never done this ric rac treatment with a seam. YEY!


It’s not my best finish work, but it’s good enough for a dog blanket. Delia gives no barks about such things! It will replace the Halloween blanket on downstairs bed #3 come November and I will get an action shot then.

ADDENDUM: The plaid blanket has been deployed! I put it under the existing blanket a couple days ago so it would smell “right” and uncovered it today. She took to it immediately!


Really cute! The giant rickrack trim sets the plaid off so well. Delia’s bed will look so fancy.

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How autumn-y. That ric-rac is the perfect touch!

Perfect combination of fabric and rickrack, your (mature) puppy will love snuggling in it!

Thanks, everyone!

Hehe! She just turned 12 and when she was 8 we were at the vet for standard stuff and had the fill-in vet. He asked her age and then referred to her as a “senior” and I must’ve gotten a look on my face, because he quickly amended that to “young senior” which we thought gave her a hip hop MC vibe. TheMisterT started calling her “young seenz” which morphed into “seenz” and is also sometimes “Señor”. We’re those kind of pet people. :rofl:


Super cute!

You mean there are pet people who don’t do that? :crazy_face:

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I love this! The plaid. The rickrack… I’m a bit jealous of Delia, to be honest.

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Of course, you had to add the rick-rack. You couldn’t let Delia have a plain blanket. She knows mommy is crafty!
And your first snow?! Already? It’s 82 here today. Crazy how we are all in such different places, yet all come together here.


I love those pops of yellow and this is such a nice looking blanket. That rickrack is the perfect finishing touch!

What you did with the ric rac is So Cool! That wavy edge adds a certain something to it.

Thanks, everyone!

Thanks for all the ric rac support/enabling! I bought way more than I really needed, so I am sure more giant black ric rac is coming to LC via me. Ahem.

@gozer It’s kinda crazy. We frequently get a little dusting of snow by this time of year; the kind that doesn’t stay on the ground more than several hours. It’s been snowing off and on for over 24 hours and we have 3-4 inches in places on our property. It’s like 25F out there!


The plaid blanket has been deployed! I put it under the existing blanket a couple days ago so it would smell “right” and uncovered it today. She took to it immediately!


Love this. What an awesome way to love yo’ dawg.

Aw, thank you!