Autumn-Themed Random Tags

I’ve been sofa-bound for a few days with a temporary health issue, so had to come up with a sofa-ready craft to keep my sanity while sitting around. I decided that some paper crafting would work fine on the coffee table and drug out a few stamps and dies that are kind of new and haven’t had much or any use yet + tag dies.

I decided to use a manilla file folder as the base and picked some botanical stamps to make each half into super simple master board-ish sheets. Then I just went about cutting as many tags in various sizes that I could get out of each sheet.


I also selected a limited number of papers to bring to the coffee table to use to cut some other die shapes, then I just went to town combining tags, die cuts, inks, etc. I also used several too-old-to-sew-with threads for tag strings as well as some embroidery floss.


I decided to focus on trying to put to use the scraps and cut outs that usually get discarded such as the circles from the tags’ holes.


Some ended up being pretty simple, too.

There were a few challenges I committed to with this: I have soooo much paper to choose from, but I only brought a few pads and a pack with me and stuck with it. Same with the dies. The other was utilizing much of the waste bits. YEY! The biggest challenge, though, is more inherent to my personality and crafting style: just-because crafting! SO HARD for me! With the exception of the A one which will be a gift topper for my SIL’s autumn birthday gift, all of these have no “real purpose”! ARG! I hope to use them a gift tags and toppers, part of greeting cards, etc.


These are pretty. I love the color combo’s you chose. Especially that green. It’s very pretty.

I love the layered botanical stamps! Hope you feel better soon.

Thanks, friends!

What a fun just because project. I especially like that tag with the star cutout!

Awesome! I love that you pushed your boundaries a bit and crafted just because. Sometimes that’s when we get the most creative!

Thanks friends! I was taking some kind of intense prescription meds and part of these were done in dim, nighttime lighting, so it was interesting to see how they were in the sober light of day!

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Great tags! Now you have some stash embellishments for future projects!

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These are all so lovely!

Thanks, pals!