Axolotl birthday cake

I’m late in posting this. Kiddo wanted a cake that looked like his favorite Minecraft Axolotl stuffie for his 9th, and we both hustled to make it last minute. He helped with the fondant tail and did a bang up job!

With the stuffie in question and his little brother in the background

And the cake topper. My husband designed the svg, and I cut it out of vinyl and thin plastic with my Cricut. Turned out pretty cute!


How cute! It’s cool that he was able to help construct the cake, too.

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He did a great job on the tail and the cake looks like a replica of the stuffed animal! What a fun 9th birthday cake!

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Such a cute and custom cake! It’s so great that the birthday boy and your hubz contributed, too!

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It looks just like his toy! I bet he was tickled at how it turned out. He will remember this birthday cake for years to come.


Cool. It has a very southwestern feel.

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This turned out really great! He’ll remember this one.

Plus, axolotls are super cool.

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I just know this was a complete hit with the kiddos. Awesome job, mom and dad!

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This turned out great! And what a fun memory this will make. My son often reminisces about his different cakes from over the years.