Axolotl Paper Cutting

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Original Post (1/24/16)

I was lucky enough to partner up with Ludi in the IYP 28 swap. She has a fabulous cabinet of curiosities room and thus I decided what she really needed was a small Axolotl in a tank to add to her collection. The “tank” is a clear 5x7" photo frame that’s approximately 1" deep.


The finished piece is 95% paper, with a bit of paint added as well. The plants, pebbles, bubbles and the axolotl itself are all cut from paper. I painted details onto the plants and added highlights to the bubbles with white paint. The axolotl’s pink spots & the white highlights in its eyes are also paint. Other than that, everything is layered paper.


I used black foam cut to varying lengths to raise up the axolotl and some of the bubbles from the background to give the piece more dimensionality. I also used clear glass beads behind a few of the bubbles to raise them up and give them a different appearance. The overall effect is a charming little creature swimming in his tank and ready for his new home.



What a cool way to make a paper aquarium! And you axolotl is such a cutie.


You never cease to amaze me!


Oh my word, how cute!!!

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This is so cute! I really like how you made it 3d - I don’t think I’ve seen a frame like that before.

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Thanks, everyone! I really need to do more papercut projects. They’re time consuming but always worth it.

Stunning work my friend.

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Thank you!