Baby’s First New Year Onesie

I just got my Cricut after Black Friday, and this was one of my first projects. I had a similar onesie in my Walmart cart, but I like mine better. :smiley:


Cute!!! Looks like #3 has been accomplished already :smile: :heart_eyes:

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The last one needs to be checked off!!

Awesome in all ways…good job on the lettering…

That hat…too cute…

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Adorable and what a cute model!

I can’t even.

It’s impossible to focus on your great crafting when that adorable little morsel is stealing all the limelight. I want to squish that baby up and nibble all the toes, gah!

This is great and the little one is cute as a button.

Oh my goodness … adorable baby, adorable onesie, adorable hat too.

Oh my gosh, so cute!

This is so adorable! <3

HA! That is so cute!

SO CUTE! Perfect onsie for such a cutie :smiley: let’s hope the desolutions will be completed :smiley:


Ack! Cute enough for that wee one!