Baby shower cards

Some friends are expecting their second child, so I made this card to celebrate. The paper is all cardstock, with gel pen accents. (The purple pen is metallic, but I’m not sure the photo captures it well. )

I also made a little card for the big sister. She may very well be too young for it to make her feel special, but the gesture was important to me because I do remember how it felt to be acknowledged in the transition from only child. This one is just colored pencil and stickers on cardstock.

Now I just have to get them in the mail before baby comes. Thanks for looking!


What a sweet and clever idea! And that purple is a beautiful color. Nice!

So sweet to remember big sister too! Lovely colours :grinning:

Thank you!

You are too sweet including big sis like that, way to go letting her know she is not alone in her feelings. She may well be a combo of excited and trepidatious as the focus moves from her to baby. I was there too, I bet your small gesture will really mean a lot to her.

Awhhh. VERY sweet! <3

Very cute cards and so thoughtful!