Back Button Defaults to Top of Home Page

Since the updates this weekend, when I use the back button to navigate from a topic thread back to the home page, I end up back at the top of the home page vs. back at wherever that topic was located in the feed. That is, if I read the sixth post and then use the back button, I have to scroll all the way back down to get the seventh post, whereas previously it would take me back to where post 6 was in the lineup, if that makes sense.

It’s not the end of the world, but I bring it up because I have already noticed it affecting how I engage with the site, especially on my phone. I’m more inclined to skip catching up on threads I’m only sort of interested in because there are a lot of threads I want to get to and knowing there’s going to be extra scrolling suddenly makes the click seem less worth it.

I’ve noticed it on both my Android phone and my Chromebook, both running Chrome, if that makes a difference. Thanks for all you do to make this site what it is!


I’m having this happen too, now that you mention it, but not every time. I’m on an Android phone. I haven’t figured out the rhyme and reason to it yet. I noticed there are several new emojis :face_in_clouds: and a bit of a difference in the Recent topics page, so there must have been some kind of system update?


Happening to me as well, consistently each time, Samsung galaxy phone. I tried openjng in a new tab but when that one is closed, the original resets & goes back to the top, lol.

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I think so. The thumbnails in the featured projects row are definitely sized differently, which I like. And at one point I was briefly getting an error message – pretty sure I tried to refresh exactly while the updates were happening :laughing: .

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I got the error message too this weekend, and fonts looks different in my inbox, but I like it. Not sure if I’ve noticed the topic you posted, or if I have, it didn’t click (see what I did there?)

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@sweets4ever thoughts?

My featured projects are much larger so I don’t see them all. I have to scroll now.

The back button going back to the top is frustrating, especially on larger, longer threads, like craftalongs.

My feature projects are giant now too.

Adding this to my list to check from the update log! :slight_smile:


Still happening, it’s not horrible but it is inconvenient.

Yeah, same here. I discovered that the “open in a new tab” workaround works for me. Still something of a hassle compared to the old way, but it’s at least brought my engagement back up.