Backyard Bird Notecard Set Washi Style

I had just enough of this fun camera washi tape to embellish this set of 10 bird (and squirrel!) notecards and envelopes. Some of the images are new and some are favorites from before. These are from the Snapfish order two orders ago and do not show off my new camera images.

I have 9 more of each image I can make into cards, too. My next order has 13 images with 10 prints each!

Thanks for looking!


Great shots!

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Thank you! I can’t wait to see the new dslr shots and show those off!

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Photos make the great cards! They were always the best sellers when I worked at gift shops, nature ones always got the most love.

The images are beautiful.

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I really dig these. They are great-nice use of the washi tape too.