Backyard Birds and Garden Flowers Notecard Set

I finished putting together the rest of my alcohol ink background (works better on glossy paper, but still turned out cool) and photography cards.

Two birds (hummingbird and cardinal) and some flower close-ups from my garden last year. I was going to use the purple border for the cardinals which I had 6 photos, but decided I liked it better with the hummingbird, so I switched my idea and had to do one hummingbird with the green background.

I used up more stash washi tape on the bird envelopes and was also excited to find the “Bloom where you are planted” washi in stash for the flower cards.

I have so many cards! I leave them blank so I can use for every occasion!

Thanks for looking!



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These are lovely!

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I love the idea of using your own photography for cards. I may have to steal this idea! Yours turned out fabulous!

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Those are beautiful. I, too, may have to steal this idea.

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Thanks so much everyone! Yes, steal away!

Your photos are quite lovely! I can see how you get inspired by the birds and flowers in your yard. They are beautiful.


The cardinal! Mr sassy pants, just look at that guy!

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We have some really beautiful and fat cardinals in our yard!