Backyard Birds Notecard Set

I made a bird lovers dozen (totally a thing, right?) set of notecards with pictures I took of my backyard birds. I was so inspired, I am going to just order[ed] prints (so there’s not the annoying print lines that are on some of these…I think I needed to tell my printer glossy photo paper) and make a few sets for Christmas presents. I picked 4 of these plus one of last years hummingbird pictures and got 18 4x6 of each of them, plus ordered a bonus set of 10 of another hummingbird pic to complete my 100 free prints on snapfish. This will make sets that have 2 copies of each 5 birds plus one of the extra hummingbird cards.

Close ups of a few of my favs even though I only ended up using the cardinal as one of my five. I picked birds that were not on my feeder (mostly) for the set I ordered.

No hummingbirds yet this year, but they are in my state, so I put the feeder up.

I added yellow paper for the inside because I had a bunch to use up in my scraps first. The envelopes are blue. However, for gift giving, I’ll try to get some purchased envelopes. Even though my paper stash is mighty (thanks to buying and buying as my LCS went out of business last year) I don’t really think I need to use it for making dozens of envelopes…unless you’re really special!


How exciting to snap such great bird photos from your own back yard! We have been seeing blue jays and cardinals here so far this spring, I’m just waiting for a yellow oriole to show up those those are less common around here.


Wonderful set of notecards, and awesome photos!

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I love it when people use their own pictures to make notecards…it is like sharing a bit of yourself as well with others!

They are really nice…love the cardinal…

We saw a bluebird in our yard the other day…we also have egrets on our lawn a lot of days…I hope to get some good pictures as well but I am going to have to learn how to use the zoom on my phone to get them close like yours!

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I love them! Great pics, and they make lovely cards! :slight_smile: :blue_heart:

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FUN IDEA!!! So practical and personal!

I love the one you caught with wings Whomping!

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Yes! Me too!! It reminds me of all the flying hummingbird pictures I got last year.


These are very cool. Great idea to order prints!

Those are so pretty!