Backyard Friends Notecards Set 1

I spent today making alcohol ink borders for my animal pictures (yes, mostly birds), but ran out of the blending solution after I went through these 3 sets of pictures. I had 7 of two sets and 6 of the other.

The birds are a woodpecker and rose-breasted grosbeak. The pictures were taken last year.

I added a strip of washi tape on the envelopes.

I am sending the squirrel one to my brother for his welcome home (he just bought his first house!) and stamped it “the adventure begins.”


That orange border in particular is really striking!

Lovely notecard sets!

Your pictures are really good. What kind of camera do you have? Or do you use your phone? Phones can take such amazing pictures these days. The note cards are adorable!

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You take beautiful pictures, I love the squirrel.

Those are lovely! What a great use for photos.

@megwell @TheMistressT @Raury @MegASkunk Thank you!

@gozer Thank you! I used my Nikon D3000 DSLR camera. I think if I am going to get serious about birding photography, I will need to look into a different camera body that doesn’t pixelate as much once cropped in closer (which you can’t see from this photo.)

My brother loves photography and he’s got some good camera equipment too, although he still only does it as a hobby. He is a good resource for all things camera, though.


These are so colorful and cute!

So cute!

These are so cute! I love that adorable naughty squirrel.

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Yeah, he’s fun. I ordered more of that print!