Bad Times are Just Times That are Bad

I feel like people need to see this for a couple reasons. It’s a quote from the Animal Crossing video games. There is a fortune telling cat that comes to your town and tells your fortune, and she always ends with this saying. The new Animal Crossing comes out in 6 days!

It’s in a 6 inch hoop.

The lettering and crystal ball detail are sparkly.

Thanks for looking!


I always loved this quote and you did an awesome job with the sparkly thread! I’m so excited for New Horizons! :desert_island:

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Super appropriate on many levels. Love the purple!

Very appropriate! Cool hoop and love the sparkles! I played the original Animal Crossing; maybe I’ll have to check out the new version.

Perfect for right now.

Perfect :heart:
I’m itching to make some AC crafts but I’ve been keeping super busy with special orders, birthday gifts, and swaps so I love seeing what others have created!