Badge for Merit in Spelling

Earlier this year, I won a spelling bee held by my favorite local nanobrewery and decided to make an adult merit badge to commemorate the occasion. The base is just purple cardstock. The frame and letters are from a masterboard by @Magpie that I’ve been holding onto for a special project (use the good beadsboards). I made a little bubble letter stencil on cardstock and used that to trace out the words. A lot of fiddly cutting and a couple of stash stickers later, it’s finally done. I think I’m going to mount and frame it.

I don’t know whether you can tell, but there’s a metallic sheen over much of the masterboard; where the letters look kind of washed out, it’s actually gold and shiny. The frame is ATC size, the background slightly smaller so it wouldn’t poke out.

Thanks for looking!


We’ve had spelling bees like that here, but the host bar makes you buy another beer in order to advance to the next round. :crazy_face:

I love your sense of humour!

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Cute! And congrats on your victory!

Love it! Glad you are gud at the spelering stufs :+1:

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Hahaha funny.
Congrads on wenning

HA! Too funny.

Awesome! :joy:

made me laugh…congrats (which is what I put because I always fail to spell the long version correctly!) ha ha ha


This is fantastic!

Ha, this wasn’t like that, but they did all right :laughing:

Yore two kined!


That’s hilarious! I love it!


Ha! :joy: