Bag Charms from Leftover Beads

What a fun way to use up supplies and also add a little extra pizzaz to your day! They’re gorgeous!

I’ve seen leftover beads used with larger jump rings or earring “thingies” to make stitch markers for knitting and crochet. I’m thinking of making some of these with my random bead stuff.

I made those as well. I also bought some alphabet beads and number beads to use to make beady things to hang on my yarn projects so I remember the hook or needle size I am using. I make a lot of scrappy things without a pattern and always seem to forget what I am using since I just work on those things randomly for months (years!).

Also: Tip for those thinking of making these: Check the hardware on whatever you want to attach these to…the ones I made are a bit too small to click on some of the hardware! Fortunately, I can remove the ones I used and sub a large clip!

Ooh, great pro tips.