Bag Charms from Leftover Beads

I know many of you have this issue: you buy beads to make jewelry and end up with some leftover beads…not enough to make anything else, unless you buy more beads!

I found a Pinterest post on making bag charms and using only stash and leftover beads, I made some charms to clang around on my bags.

I used tassels, charms, macrame cord, beads, old jewelry and found items. This is scrappy jewelry, I guess! I made a little kit to throw in these kind of things and will “purge” the kit when it gets full. This was actually fun putting stuff together.

This one is my favorite. It has an owl charm, a cat, a small pumpkin and stars. I know it is Halloweenie, but I’ll probably use it whenever I want:

Close up of green one…no close up of the other one because the pic came out blurry.


Great way to give those little leftovers a purpose in life, and a fun way to dress up your bags as well!

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I love how you have arranged the beads in the green one! These look great and the scrappiness just shouts AIMR!

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These are lovely, I need to make some to go with the bags I make, have you a link to that Pinterest board?

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I love the mystical magical feel!

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I pinned some ideas but this was the link I sort of followed.

Bag Charm Tutorial

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Wow, this really is an amazing way to use those leftovers. I could see these added to holiday gifts, too. Just clip them onto the bows or ribbon for a little extra pizazz. Love.


This is awesome, thanks for that my lovely

I don’t carry a bag but maybe I should so I can make bag charms

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You can clip them to anything, really. I made a bunch of smaller ones to attach as zipper pulls…they only have a couple of beads on them and will probably be more useful to me than bag charms…


These are perfect for bead “scraps!” :smile:

Ooooo! Like a crazy quilt for findings and such! COOL!

Very cool! Reminds me of those busy, chunky tassels. They could be themed for occasions & hung as ornaments too.

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Great idea! I have some leftover red and green beads…I am sure I can find some holiday themed charms and findings as well! I am in a make everything from stash/scrappy mood!

These are awesome.

I love janglies like this.

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These are cute! What a good stash buster! I really like the owl one as well.

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Fabulous idea! I may make a bunch of these to have on hand… I love the idea of using them on gift packaging and zipper pulls also!

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Thanks…I am seriously trying not to buy supplies but you know how that goes…I need to get some jump rings to use up whatever I have left… :grin: It is a never ending cycle…

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Lovely! I think the green is my favorite. I love that shade of green.

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These are great.

I have a set of M&Ms someone on the old site made for me and they’ve hanging on one of my purses for years. I also like to hang them on project bags.

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