Bamboo Flute Carry Bag [knitting]

Oh yeah, I likey. Now I just have to actually write the pattern (which will be a little odd when I get to the leaves as it will be important to define that in relation to where one would start knitting them from}.


Is that a bamboo flute in a bamboo flute bag?
Clever! I don’t knit, so it seems kind of magical.


Unfortuntely, no. Just a wooden Butch Hall flute. I’ve been debating on buying one of those knock off Chinese, Quechwa, Indian, etc bamboo flutes for the aesthetics for the pictures, but I can’t convince myself to buy a flute that sounds too awful to ever play, heh.

Writing up the pattern, and I think I may have improved the leaves by slipping the first stitch on each row. Not real sure how that will work when I’m down to two stitches, O_o.


Ok! I am changing the leaves for the slip stitches at the beginning of the rows. It’s much more uniform (although, the leaves are wider than I like, but still holds the shape better).

Arrows pointing to the leaf that I did this to.

this is so darn cool