Banana Pudding

I tagged this as a dessert but let’s be honest, banana pudding is appropriate all the time!
I bought myself 3 pounds of bananas on Sunday with the lofty goal that I would eat them all and lord hammercy I failed. Banana pudding and later tonight banana bread to the rescue.
Super easy to make:
1 box vanilla wafers (you won’t use the whole box)
2 bananas RIPE (not overripe like banana bread, you want these suckers firm)
1 4 oz. box banana cream pudding made according to directions (it’s literally just adding 2 cups of milk and whisking)
1 small container Cool Whip (or if you’re ambitious make your own)
I mean, you can make it in a bowl that’s not clear but half the bragging rights to this dish are how lovely they stack up in the see thru bowl
Layer as follows:

  1. Nilla wafers on the bottom and one row around the perimeter
  2. pudding
  3. banananananas
  4. Cool Whip
    Repeat 1-4 based on how big your bowl is and end with a Cool Whip layer
    Crush a handful of Nilla wafers and garnish the top with them.

    Side view (look at those luscious layers)

Looks delicious!

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Goodness I love banana pudding. Thanks for sharing this!

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Looks so good! I have such a soft spot for banana pudding. I dated a guy and his dad made it all the time and each time we would see him he would swear that this time around the pudding was his best. I miss the guy’s dad…the dude, no so much. :rofl:


He sounds like a doll

Now I’m craving banana pudding… :yum:

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My Gram always made banana pudding with Nilla wafers. This makes me happy.

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OH YUM! Bookmarking because I’m going to have to make this when I have company.

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