Banyan Socks

I finished my Banyan socks, knit in a soft wool/nylon blend. I love knitting and wearing wool socks, especially this time of the year.


You did a great job on these! How long does it take to make a pair?

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Those are quite intricate…so many different patterns to keep up with…but that yarn is just perfect to show off those beautiful stitches…and you carried them through the heel! Beautifully crafted


Fabulous socks. You are quite the artisan, and there is no doubt that these will keep your feet toasty.

None knitter question … is Banyan a brand, a stitch or something else?

Those are lovely!

Absolutely beautiful.

Gorgeous socks…love the lace and cable details :slight_smile:



It is the name the designer on Ravelry gave to the leaf pattern she made for the socks…there are a couple similarly named.

On Ravelry, certain patterns are named, become hot and everyone knows them by that name…sort of like the Jordy bag that became well known on C-ster…or the Virus shawl for crochet…

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Those socks are absolutely gorgeous. I love the yarn you chose that still has a little going on with it but doesn’t distract from the pattern in the knitting. Very cool.

It is actually the name of the pattern I used.

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I can make a simple pair in a weekend if pushed, but normally it will take me about 2 weeks, since work and such gets in the way.

Nice work, @Raury! That is a beautiful pattern.

Hand knit socks are the only socks to wear! What yarn and size needle did you use?

The pattern around the ankles is magical, so pretty! And wool socks are always wonderful

Great socks and wonderful yarn choice! It’s so hard to find the right combination pattern and yarn with enough variation to be interesting without obscuring the details.


I used a Knitpicks yarn and size 2.5 mm needles.

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Oh, those are lovely!

Thanks! The stitches look smaller than that. Must be my glasses! :laughing:

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