Barbarian cuffs

My husband plays Dungeons & Dragons online. I have no interest in playing but asked him to pick out a character that fits me. He chose Barbarian. “The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize”. Brown/black/grey faux fur, shell beads that mimic bones. Metallic beads because she’s a well traveled barbarian.


These are fun! Great use of the shell for bones.

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These are super fun! And those shells really give claws-of-a-vanquished-apex-predator vibes.


How cool! I love the detail and shine combined with the faux fur!

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How neat! The shell beads are the perfect accent piece!

My husband loved your comment. He was so inspired that he told me I needed to make a coordinating shawl with black spacers. I gave him a look and he added a necklace with teeth, a big necklace. His reason was the barbarian needs a whole outfit.


Hahahaaaa! Oh, dear. I hope I haven’t inspired more work for you, if you don’t feel independently inspired to do it!

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I was not going to but I decided they were projects I would design and construct only while he was playing his game. That way I have time for other funzies.


Haha…these are awesome!

:star2: Yay! This stellar project is featured this week! :star2:

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Thank you! I will try to keep this vibe for the necklace.


hahaha!! Fabulous project, they look great!

These are great!

Sweet, and very authentic looking!

Looks great & I really like the use of unusual objects as details. Very cool!