Bath decor help

We’re getting ready to remodel our bathroom. I’ve collected some great pieces, but am having trouble deciding on finishes and colors.

I’ve got a southwest/Mexican vibe going, but don’t want too much of that.

The vanity is dark and traditional/elegant; the current floor looks like weathered wood. I can change the flooring, but to what?

The sink has a lot of personality; it’s cobalt blue, light and dark green, white, pale blue gray, and a little yellow.
The faucet will match the vanity drawer pulls, antique brass.

Toilet and tub are white, I’m planning white trim.

What tile should I use for the shower and backsplash? White, cream, ?
What color for the walls? Cream? Not yellow, don’t even go there. Wallpaper???
I want to paint the sconces. Black or cobalt seem too dark, white too light. Maybe dark green highlighted with light green?

Curtains? Shower curtain! I’m feeling overwhelmed. But in a good way.
Is the mirror too much with the sink?


Here’s what I’ve got (you may have seen some in other threads)

Sconces and current floor



Mirror frame…maybe


Those are some stunning pieces! I think when you pick a certain theme, like Mexican, you almost have to go all out or it looks half done…I don’t like yellow or gold either for paint…I would pick either a vanilla cream color since the vanity is so dark and ornate. You could also go with a light rust color somewhere.

That sink is stunning…maybe you could pick up that blue as an accent tile in the shower and above the vanity

As far as the sconces go, I think you are right in thinking of green…like a weathered copper patina look. Black seems too harsh to me as well.

The floor is wood already…can you weather it to be a bit darker? It is too pale against the dark vanity. . I had Mexican tile floors in my previous kitchen…hated them…hard to keep clean, cold, slippery, always looked dirty. They were the dark square Saltillo tiles in the classic reddish color. Maybe a more gold or amber color in another shape would work…


I love the sconce, and I think it would be a lot better in a less neutral colour. I’m not sure about dark green with light green highlights though. I know from experience that those paint treatments can be tricky to get right, especially on complex shapes like that. Maybe verdigrised copper instead? There are very good two-coat kits available.

And I’m a big fan of the mirror. It’s perfect for the sink.

The wall treatment will be crucial. I have doubts about wallpaper, just because it’s become hard to buy. The days when every paint store had dozens of sample books to select from seem to be gone for good. And buying wallpaper online is a huge gamble - you really need to see it in person.

Maybe some kind of Venetian or polished plaster? Perhaps look at the stamens of the lilies on the sink as a unifying colour.


Venetian plaster would be lovely! I really dislike wallpaper, especially in a bathroom.

I also think the mirror is fabulous…the more ornate the better!

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The light gray-blue from the sink would be far enough away from white to pick up and accent the other colors, plus not be too light or too dark. You have beautiful pieces and can’t wait to see the finished project!

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Oooh, some great advice. I was thinking the gray blue might be the right color for the walls. I don’t think my budget will stretch to Venetian plaster, though; I’m thrifting everything I can. All the goodies shown cost about $250 total.

All that stuff goes around the vanity, and I realized plain tile on the tub across the room would look bare. Maybe I can splurge on a tile mosaic like these

I think I can convert the two wall sconces into a chandelier, which would simplify the electric work. There’s a window on the left side of the vanity, I could hang the chandelier to balance it on the right.

The floor is vinyl plank, and about half would need replacement, so not a big added expense to change the whole thing.

Thanks for helping me work all this out, more suggestions welcome!

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Decorating is not my thing. At all. So I’ll let everyone else advise you. But wanted to reiterate how much I love that mirror! And you did an incredible job thrifting all that. Amazing bargains!

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I did some paint swatches. The blue gray is cold. The pale green of the leaf veins is…I dunno, too wacky? I painted a guest room that color, I like it, but it’s not right.
Now I’m auditioning creams and beiges. Looking for a living room color years ago, we came across a shade called “domestic harmony” it was beige.

Maybe I need a sharper contrast to bring the room to life. But I don’t like reds, oranges, and yellows. They’re like “domestic dispute”. Sigh

Wonderful pieces! You are a pro at finding things with beauty and interest. Can’t really ad"done" room!vise you, but I am looking forward to the

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Welcome to the site, “Maude!”

This is going to be one gorgeous lavatory!

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You have chosen lovely pieces. I would go for something really neutral on the walls, a nice white would complement the white in the sink and mirror. For the shower I’d go with some nice blue tiles that match the colour in the sink.

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This was supposed to be done by now, but…virus.

Floor damage needs repair before anything else; that’s beyond the scope of my abilities, so everything is on hold until I feel o.k.with strangers tromping through my house.

Now my husband wants to move! Sigh.

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