Bathroom at the Lazy T

So here’s something a little different from me. I’ve been taking black and white photography classes at the college since Sept. It’s film and we develop our own photos. This photo was taken at a local ranch my boyfriend’s sister manages. I took this for an assignment using a medium format camera. The negatives are HUGE! My teacher helped me decide the best way to print this photo, we went through different darkroom techniques to end up with this result. I could have tweaked it further, but I ended up cleaning up too early. I love the final result still.

I’ve included the contact sheet for that roll of film so you can see how large the negatives are, and see some of the other pics from that roll.


I think you’re really captured both the starkness that the sunlight at a ranch can create, but also the tidy, yet rustic work-a-day aspect of a working ranch.

Thanks for sharing the contact sheet, too. I really love a contact sheet for it’s surprises and “secrets.”

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This is beautiful, if I can use that word for an outhouse :smiley: The Coca-cola sign and hitching post would be beautiful printed larger too, in my opinion.

I didn’t realize film and self development was still a thing being taught. Please share more of your photos!!

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The composition and use of shadows is great. It has a quiet feel to it.

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I’m too blind to see the shadows that gozer mentioned but I hope you got an A+ for your compositions.

Wow, I really love how these came out. Rustic yet classy. Perfect!

So cool that you are branching out into photography. This photo really evokes that rustic-ranch feeling. Great job!

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This one caught my eye too. Really love your choice of subject for these photos. Developing your own photos sounds soo cool!