Batik Open Wide Zippered Pouches

I whipped these up for my nieces for Christmas. I had decided to make them on Wednesday (the 13th), and wanted to ship them out on Saturday (the 16th). Then of course, I got the flu Thursday, and was out of commission for a day, and playing catchup the next day. Thankfully after I had made so many recently, I was able to do both really fast. Whipped them up on Saturday morning so the box could go out that afternoon. The fabrics are all from stash. The bases are the same fabric in two different colors, Andover Fabrics “Rainbow Shimmer” in Charcoal, and Raspberry, which feature metallic gold stars. I’m not sure of the batik lines. The blue was from Joanns, but the purple/pink was from a local quilt shop. Both were chosen because they are each girl’s favorite colors, and being teens, I’m pretty sure they are now being used as cosmetics bags. They got delayed on the way, but still made it to NH by December 21st.

Purple and pink for Ari.

Blue and black for Mia.


Beautiful pairings!

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Gorgeous fabrics, super classy.

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Such great gifts for teens! I am so glad that you must be feeling better!

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These are so pretty, and I’m sure they love them. Tough time of the year to get sick! Luckily, you are a speed-stitcher!

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Pretty, and well-made! I’m sure these were happily received!

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Teens are hard to make for but I’m sure you nailed it with these! Love the fabric on the bottoms.