Batik Slashed Skirt

I need something to wear to a Summer wedding, and thought it might be nice to make part of my outfit. The pattern is Simplicity 8923. But, I did add pockets. Fun pattern, the godets were tricky at first, and the hemline is so long…makes for a nice twirl, though!


It is really beautiful! Nice job of blending the batiks…a surprise each time you twirl! Have fun at the wedding in your lovely new outfit!



Super pretty! I have been resisting the rayon batik fabrics, not knowing what I’d make with them. This is a great idea though. I love a long, flowy skirt. Light as air…

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Wait…what? Rayon batik? Where have I been? Oh, no…


Shoot, sorry!
Pick a pattern, tell me the yardage, I’ll send you something nice :blush:

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Thank you! It’s just cotton…light enough to be comfortable, though. But, I bet rayon would have a lovely drape!

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Oh gosh, it sure does. Your skirt looks so flowy for cotton! Maybe the weight of it. The gores add a lot. Nice job with those, they can be tricksy to sew.

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This is lovely! I love the subtle difference between the two fabrics in the skirt…show it off on the dancefloor :smiley:


Thank you! I probably spent half an hour trying to choose fabrics that complimented each other in color and in the scale of the print. And they’re really out of my comfort zone - most of my clothes are much more subdued.


lol I went down that rabbit hole and literally had to walk away from my computer before I spent my entire retirement funds…lol…wow…when I get done with my fifteen million other pieces of clothing fabric I will look again!

Oooh! It looks so breezy!