Bats Knit Skirt

Self drafted skirt from Joann Fabrics Doodles gray and black bats knit .

My necklace is a terradactyl skeleton.


Nice I love that fabric and the style of the skirt.

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Oohh it’s gorgeous and it really suits you. The fabric is fun!

Very nice! I have the black with white bats version of that fabric, but haven’t cut into it yet.

I love your skirt! And I have the same necklace. Also a T Rex and a stegosaurus. Dinosaurs rock :heart_eyes:

Great skirt and great seasonal outfit!

This whole outfit is * chefs kiss * :kiss: perfect!!!

Cool outfit!

Super cute!

I love this so much! And this cut looks like it would be flattering on lots of body shapes. Hmmmm maybe I should get back into sewing again! :smiley:

Love the skirt and the necklace, awesome job!