Be Capy Needleminder

Capybaras - which I first got to know as “carpinchos” in Argentina - are one of my favorite critters! Since I stitch more than I accessorize :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, I turned this cute enamel pin into a needleminder.

I cut the pins off then glued a magnet in between where they had been.


What a clever way to reuse something darling like that!

Cute and funny!!!

They are my absolute favorite animals! Love this upcycle.

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I love your needle minders! Is that magnet 2 magnets or a base metal disk with a magnet attached? I can’t quite translate it from the pic.

Thanks so much!

Ah, yes. It is two magnets. I use a wide one glued to the back to make more magnetic surface area for the needle and the stubby one so it’s easier to grab/remove.


So great! For a second I thought you crafted the whole pin and I thought, woooaaahhh!


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Aww, thank you!

What a great idea!

Absolutely darling! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I love capybaras, too. They are so strange and cute. Turning this pin into a needle-minder was a great choice, and you’ve done it very neatly and smoothly.

Thanks so much!

This is so cute!

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