Be you! Notecards for nursing homes!

For the past three weeks, my kids and I have each sent 1 notecard each to the 6 local nursing homes listed on our local library website’s “call for smiles.” It introduces them to charity, and the basics of sending mail (which my son os now getting the hang of!)

Anyway, the first 2 weeks I sent my bird notecards. This week, I decided to get my Big Shot out and do some embossing. I don’t have embossing ink or anything anymore, but I decided to try one with marker. My dd and I agree the un-colored are better.

I used two folders, and wrote the uplifting “In anworld where you can be anything–be you!” I also added a small sentiment to the back encouraging them to continue being their wonderful selfs!

PS: I bought the cards in-store at Michael’s today and it was exhilarating to be in a craft store! Not too busy, but normal for a week day.


Love the sentiment, and the design, too! Love that your family is having fun with those embossing folders!

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These are very sweet.

I love the elegant simplicity

Lovely work!!