Beachy Flip-flops Box Card

I went all the way with the beach themed things for my bestie’s birthday, including this box card. WOO!

I had lots of fun picking out all the papers since each of the pairs use 3 different papers, plus those for the body and panels. I also got a giggle out of using a different embossing folder for each pairs’ sole.


Flattened for the envelope!


And here is how a box card works. It’s really not magic at all! It’s just a decorated box with one or more decorated dividers.


so stinkin’ cute!

This is a great card! I wondered what you would do for her bday card- not disappointing! :grin: And I bet she loves it!

Thanks so much, pals!

So sweet and cheerful and fun!

This is the best!

Thanks so much!

I love my card so much! It is perfect for me! So adorable!

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