Beaded Photo Frame

Beaded frame for family portate. To celebrate our sweet old dog, I chose to make a custom frame for our family portate. Inspired by a leather beaded color, the project came to life.

Before diving into the larger project, I made a proof of concept with a smaller frame. Here’s a peek at my indoor craft space. Does anyone else commandeer the dining room table?

I started with multi-color seed beads and supplemented them with additional orange and a second shade of blue. I used my kitchen scale to get the right mixture by weight.

Materials used included my trusted hot glue gun, hemp string, seed beads, scissors, and wooden toothpicks. I split the twisted hemp string into individual strands and beaded. I beaded for months, everywhere. I enjoy crafting in the wild, and this part of the project was very portable. I have a metal pencil case with a snack-size ziplock of beads, scissors, and hemp string.

The process: line of hot glue, lay the strand of beads and pull the string through. If needed, I used a wooden toothpick to add additional beads on the edge line.

I’ve been trying to finish projects this summer season, this one was a challenge, down to the last corner, but it is beautiful to look at on our fireplace mental.


So pretty! A real labor of love!

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OMG! I was going to say theme thing; what a labor of love. It looks amazing!


All your effort and planning paid off; it’s a beauty!

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Clever to use the scale to get the right amount of beads! It’s obvious that it worked out as you imagined and that’s awesome, too. It’s a really neat frame!

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So pretty! I use the dining room table as my space, too! You’ll love this forever!