Beaded star ornaments

I made about a dozen of these - they were actually an item I had been wanting to make for myself awhile - a dozen or so beaded ornaments for my own tree. But then I ended up giving some away in swaps, then in the the Garage sale… Now I need to kind of gird my loins again to make more for myself… but they do take a lot of time and eye-crossing concentration.

But I do love them (despite finger burning, eye crossing pain of making them) - when made with translucent beads, they are so pretty in the light. These are made with the precise cylinder cut Miyuki Delica or Toho Aiko beads - I am actually running low on some of my favourite colours, so am waiting for one of my favourite bead outlets to have another 50% off sale so I can stock up on them again.


Those are beautiful, and I’m sad I didn’t get a chance to scoop one up from the garage sale. I bet they look so nice on a lit-up Christmas tree!

These even LOOK like a lot of work but the are so pretty! All those little beads!!

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Very pretty!!! Out of curiosity, what size are they? I’d love for you to post a picture of them on the tree with all the lights and everything, if you get a chance this holiday season.

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Thanks - I am taking a break from them, but will try to make up a dozen in total for myself this year (or so). They are about 2 inches from arm to arm - maybe slightly bigger - that is using size 11 beads.


Thanks for that info; it helps me visualize them on the tree! Very attractive!!!

They are beautiful, I can’t imagine trying to wrangle all those little beads!

Oh those are so pretty!

Lucky me scored one in the garage sale! Unlucky me, bought it for a friend who loves purple and shiny!

They are lovely and you deserve to have your own dozen!

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They are so dang beautiful. You are a meticulous bead wizard, I’m tellin’ ya!

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Very pretty!

What do you bead on … thread? Wire?

These are WILD! I still love them!! But take care of your wee digits!

These are so pretty!

Those look so beautiful and delicate - also I bet really intense to make! The result is worth it though.

So, so beautiful. Well done my friend.

Congrats on being picked as one of this week’s featured projects! You are AMAZING!

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These are wonderful!! Wow!!

Thank you - I was more than happy to give a few away for the garage sale too - I think I am happiest when I do give my crafts away - even when I originally intended them for me (like the nuthatches - they went to a good home too, but I will miss them)

I use a monofilament thread like Nymo. I think Toho makes Super G which is a nicer one (and in different colours too) - but Nymo comes in nice large spools and quite cheap comparatively - also I use a thread conditioner to help prevent fraying and knots - like Bead Heaven or bees wax.

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