Beaded stumpwork bug brooches and a few other fiber jewelry things

I found some old pictures of some jewelry projects that I thought would be fun to share.

A couple of stumpwork/beaded brooches.

148681_04Sep15_unnamed_11_ 148681_17Sep15_unnamed_8_

A rope wrapped necklace, with some gorgeous yarn, wire, and beads for more texture.

148681_28Apr16_P1070331 148681_28Apr16_P1070332

Hand-stitched natural fiber wrist cuff. Love the neutral tones.

148681_28Jan15_P1060499 148681_28Jan15_P1060500


These are wonderful! The textuurrreees

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I’m totally fascinated by your stumpwork bugs :slight_smile: Love to see more of your pieces!

All is fabulous but I love the bugs!!! :heart_eyes:

Those bugs are really cool! Did you embroider the wings on a machine or by hand? How did you make those?

These are all amazing, but, THAT BEE! swoon

Thanks everyone! They were fun to make.

@Riechan The wings were made by hand using a transparent silk, wire, and embroidery floss.

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That necklace!! :heart_eyes: I think you forgot to send that to me…:thinking: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The buggies are so cool!

Stumpwork always mystifies me. The whole collection is beautiful.

These are fantastic. Beautiful work my friend.

You are the master of stumpwork!