Beads, beads, rainbows & beads!

I spent the long weekend busting stash, making things for myself, using the good stuff, and knocking off UFOs, so satisfying!

Lapis, a fave stone, and brass. Pretty sure I got those little spacers on our trip to Asheville for the last Craftster’s meet up.

Lapis, Rudrasksha seeds, and something for October because it’s never too early for Halloween!

Here are a bunch for family, both sons (& 1 gf), the grey stone (labradorite) is for my man, and the multi with eye charm was made by @Pigeon

Turquoise and lava stone for the man

The hot pink is for a co-worker, the BC jade earrings were snapped up by my daughter.

I even dressed the windows up in a whole whack of beads and crystals I’ve been collecting for ages.

Some of them are HUGE!

Hard to get a good photo but they are throwing rainbows all over the room and I love it.


Yay for stash busting!! These are all soo beautiful! I’d be hard-pressed to pick a fave. Maybe the turquoise and lava beads? No the jade hexi earrings for sure. NO wait…

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I love the energy from all these goodies made at once. So creative and satisfying!

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:dizzy: :rainbow: Congrats! This stash-busting haul of awesome is one of this week’s featured projects! :rainbow: :dizzy:

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These are all so pretty and make me smile.

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Wow. These are all amazing! You are truly a bead master now!

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These are fab! I love the beady windows

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