BeaG's Chocolate Eggs Wreath (from way back)

I just posted this (Easter) Chocolate Eggs Wreath on my Blog (BG 216).

Many of you will have seen it before. I posted it on the old site back in 2009.

(Also, after seeking permission to use my picture and description through the old site, the Boston Globe featured it on their site as a family craft project for Easter 2009. It stayed on there for at least seven years.)

I made it by gluing a whopping 2 kilograms of chocolate eggs in colorful wrappers to a straw wreath with a hot glue gun.
(Nope, the chocolate did not melt, since the glue cooled down fast.)

Feel free to copy this idea!

You can put your finished Chocolate Eggs Wreath on a mantle piece or a bookshelf, or hang it on a wall, or lay it on your table as a centerpiece.

And oh - the horror! - when you are making it and you find a chocolate egg with a damaged wrapper (oops, darn, damaged another one!), you cannot use it for your wreath and you will be forced to eat it!
Such a shame…, lol.

I hope you enjoy this way back piece of fun.


How do you resist eating the wreath? I’m not sure it would last long at our family gathering :smiley:


Haha. I was thinking the same thing. I’d have to buy twice as much as pieces would undoubtedly go missing.

The end result is so cool though!


This is such a fun wreath…I love its whimsy!

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So fun. I remember it and the special feature so fondly.

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Such a festive wreath and what a cool memory!

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Thanks, everyone!

We never ate a single piece of it! Eventually we threw it away because we figured the chocolate must have gone bad by then.
We did eat a couple of them when I was making the wreath (but I have diabetes, so I ate only a few).

Did any of you ever make your own version?
I would love to see pictures (even if you already ate part of it, lol)!

What a great and fun idea! It really pops. Love it :orange_heart:

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Thanks, @wendiek !

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So cute! Those colorful foils just say Easter!

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Gorgeous Easter wreath!

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Thanks, @Bunny1kenobi and @endymion !

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