BeaG's Collage 'Rectangles' (golden oldie)

Back in 2000-2003, when health issues no longer allowed me to work, but I did not yet suffer from chronic pain, I made a lot of art.
I also did some art shows and exhibitions.

I’ve got very early digital pictures from that time and (only) some are worth salvaging.
I posted a first one on my Blog today.

Collage ‘Rectangles’

Original size: 70 x 50 cm, 28 x 20 inch.
Made with pieces of paper torn from old magazines.

I hope you like it.


This is beautiful! I love the way the colours overlap and blend.


Very pretty! I agree I love the overlap and blending of the colours.

Woohoo for golden oldies :orange_heart:

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Love it! The interplay between the torn edges and the sharp, straight lines is so interesting. And I appreciate the subtle color variations in each area.


I love it! I love how the rectangles are so linear but filled in with softer rounded pieces…makes for a wonderful juxtaposition !

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Really pretty. I love the blend of colors.

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Thank you, @wittychild, @wendiek, @endymion, @AIMR and @Tapestry !


thanks for sharing your art with us

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That is a great concept with such interesting & unique looking results. I really like it.


Love the vibrant colors!

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Thank you, @kayrun, @Magpie and @Bunny1kenobi !