Beam me up, Biscotti

I’ll have to make some tea to see how well they came out, but anyhoo, they be done.

The top four I subtracted 1/4 cup of flour for peanut butter powder (which I do not like that peanut butter powder, :no_mouth:), and both batches have 1 c. of oat flour in them (to cut out some of the flour).

(I’ll update with the recipes, but the clove/nutmeg batch I messed up. it needed more clove, and I completely spaced out I wanted to use brown sugar instead of white, :frowning_with_open_mouth:)

The recipe I used as a template: Classic Biscotti Recipe - 4 Ways - Kristine's Kitchen

Peanut Butter Oat Biscotti

1/4 c. Peanut Butter Powder
1 tsp. Baking powder
1/4 c. White Sugar (I wanted this one to be rather unsweetened).
3/4 c. Unbleached flour
1 c. Oat flour
2 large Eggs
Less than 1/8th tsp. Almond extract
4 Tbls. Butter

The peanut butter powder was pretty strong with salt, so I didn’t bother adding any to this recipe.

Clove Oat Biscotti

1/2 tsp. Clove (In this one I put in two pinches, definitely not enough)
1 pinch of Nutmeg (Might up this to two, but not as important as the clove).
1 tsp. Baking powder
3/4 c. Brown Sugar (Completely forgot this and put in white sugar, :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:)
1 c. Unbleached Flour
1 c. Oat Flour
2 Large Eggs
1 tsp. Vanilla
4 Tbls. Butter
1/2 tsp. Salt

The next time I try these I want to cut out some of the butter, and if I can, I want to cut out more of the flour, and try to mix it with three or four different flours. Preferably almond along with the oat.

Tea should be done…Time to test…:grin:

Ok, the peanut butter one, needs a little more sweetener. (Also, not that great in ginger green tea, :no_mouth:)

Ooooooooh! Got a bit more of the clove in the second bite of the other one, and that definitely worked. The background flavors need a change though…Hmmmmmmmmmm??? Maybe if I change out some of the butter, if not all of it, for sour cream…That might work.

Anyway, experiment 001? A+, :grinning:


As long as they are sturdy enough to dip into tea or coffee, I don’t think you can mess them up! Yummy!


I did over-knead them a little bit, but they do hold up pretty well. Pshew! :no_mouth:.

Now to hope that these help with cutting back on my coffee drinking. Hoo boy! I can’t believe how hard it is to give up that heavenly concoction, heh.


Have you tried the herbal teas that taste like coffee? Some of them even have things to help the tummy…

Best Tasting “coffee” teas…

oh duh! I’ve been wanting to dig up a few dandelions. Welp, got a few…very few, :no_mouth: our yard, surprisingly, doesn’t have that many dandelions.


Those are lovely!

My nonna’s recipe includes almonds and anise seed, if you want to try yet another combination. Maybe sub in some almond flour.


Interesting flavor combinations!

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You always come up with the most amazing kitchen concoctions!

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Earlier I tried some jasmine & chamomil tea with a few pieces of the dandelion roots. Both the peanut butter and clove-ish (those really needed more clove) biscottis really tasted pretty good in that.

Mind has been really wonky today, so not going to say much, but I’ve got lots of idears, and I’m almost done with enough of the kitchen to do some larger things (hopefully, I just didn’t jinx it, HAH. This dizziness and lightheadedness is worse than my pains, yeesh! :no_mouth:)

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Both recipes both sound delicious. The clove is particularly intriguing.

Such interesting flavour combos! Your biscotti look perfect too, super professional.

Well they both sound delicious!

Those look and sound delicious. And your post title is great. :pinched_fingers:

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:man_cook: :cookie: :bowl_with_spoon: Congratulations! Your delicious Biscotti are a Featured Project this week! :bowl_with_spoon: :cookie: :man_cook:

They look so good. I wanted to stop drinking coffee at one point. It was a slow process to wean myself off it, reducing my intake by a half cup every few weeks - I just couldn’t go ‘cold turkey’!

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I’ve watered mine down by quite a bit :no_mouth:. Though, I’m told it’s still “pretty darn strong”.

I will have to experiment with tea. Not been sleeping well the past few days, so either the tea was worse than the coffee (only had four cups the day after I made the biscotti), or the lack of sleep, or it was just a bad day…:person_shrugging: . So need to make a couple more batches and try it again. (Even though I do like tea, I have a hard time getting myself to make it. Having something to dip in it helps push me to make some, :grin: ).

I cut out caffeine ‘cold turkey’ at the start of our covid lockdowns (march 2020). It was more a reaction to not drinking enough tea at home to get through a pint of milk before it goes bad!

A week of headaches and after, I was fine. Until last year when I helped friends with final parts of wedding plans and keeping them sane-ish. I was driving home and needed a caffeine boost, went for a coffee at the services. I’ve now started being more of a coffee drinker and appreciating the flavours.

Haven’t drunk ‘english breakfast tea’ in years which was a staple at the office - especially when cups just got delivered to your desk!!

I have to remember to buy milk when people come visit.

Not sure if you’re into herbal / fruit teas but there’s a load out there worth trying. And I know I’m fussy and don’t like many (yes, chamomile, mint - that’s you! Ugh)


I imagine your biscotti would make anything taste good!

I enjoy ginger “tea”. I slice up fresh ginger root, put it in a jug of water and let it sit in the fridge overnight. Sometimes I boil it; the flavor is a little different then.
Either way, very refreshing and satisfying.

I used to drink LOTS of coffee, gave it up cold turkey when I turned 30. Back then, coffee was thought to be bad for older people, and I figured it would be easier to give it up while I was young. And it was; no headaches or anything.

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ok! The first two batches with the changes are done. However, there was a bit of a hiccup. The measurements I found to substitute applesauce for butter was way off. So the mixes were way too moist. meh, just means they won’t be as hard as normal biscotti.

Black walnut on the top, and clove on the bottom.

Seeing how these smell, I think I’m not going to try and remove the butter. it’s only four tablespoons anyway, so for a normal person without the power of Scarf, it wouldn’t really be all that bad.

welp, have to wait til I want some tea…


Ok, trying them out, and yeah, no. I don’t not like applesauce biscotti. I do not like them with Star Trek’s Scotty. I do not like them in the potty. I do not like them with a hot toddy. I do not like them here nor there.I do not like them anywhere. I do not like applesauce biscotti. I do not like them, Carl you are.

(guess which book I last read to my granddaughter, :joy: )