"Beat Covid" Mask

Here’s another Gish item. This was for Item #40: Create a message of hope on your mask. Wear it proudly.

The funniest thing about this to me is that I had that tiny bit of virus fabric, just enough to make HALF a mask!, in my stash for a couple of years! And finally, this was the perfect project for it. The felt applique definitely makes it less washable, but as long as I don’t splash something on it or stain it somehow, it should be fine to just wear once a week or less, and let it air out between uses so any stray viruses can die out on their own.

My hope is that with enough people wearing masks and social distancing and really working together (but far apart), we CAN beat Covid!


This is all kinds of awesome!! I love that you had virus fabric in your stash! :laughing:

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Love it! The virus fabric is fantastic, and the busy feeling of it balances the text/logo on the other side, giving each equal visual weight. Awesome sauce.

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Beat Covid indeed! These are super!

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Thanks so much! I only had enough fabric for half the mask, but it worked out because I think as you say it would have been too busy to put text on top of anyway! :slight_smile:

I love the background color that you picked to coordinate! What a cool mask!

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Thanks! Fortunately Mom and I already had a LOT of fabric already out for mask-making, so I was pretty spoiled for choice! :slight_smile: