Bee “art deco-esque” necklace

I rarely make things for myself. But I’m trying not to panic because of the pandemic and the fact that my partner is furloughed again, and I haven’t really left the house since March, and my dad is in the hospital, and my job is super stressful and I spend all week in virtual meetings and yeah…

So anyhow, I figured I should make something for myself.

I like art nouveau Art Deco; I like bees. I saw something similar on Etsy and I had the supplies to make it. I added the green jewel.


That’s lovely, you did a great job.


Thank you. And thanks for the correction. I love both actually and clearly don’t know the difference. :laughing: I have updated.


It’s beautiful

It’s such a pretty piece…good on you for making something fab for yourself.

This is really beautiful and it looks fantastic on you. It is good to do things for yourself, especially right now. Hugs to you, my dear.

Beautiful! Treat yo self! Especially now…

It’s beautiful! And you deserve it.

That is an amazing piece–simple, elegant, personal. The green drop finishes it off beautifully! :cherry_blossom: Hope your life stresses begin diminishing, and that your partner’s job situation improves quickly! :two_hearts:

This is stunning!

Very stylish! Looks good on you. Everyone needs to do things for themselves to keep their light burning bright.

This is very pretty! I love the addition of a little color.


So elegant!