Beedle Breath of the Wild Ornament

I love Zelda Breath of the Wild as well as the newer Tears of the Kingdom!

I made this ornament based on Beedle’s flag that he carries around for a swap.

I made the pattern for this myself and had a fun time with it!

This is a reference photo to see the flag in the game.


Wow, it really looks exactly like the one in the game! I like the way you used bugle beads to give it a little extra bling.

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I felt it needed a little more sparkle :sparkles:

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This is great! Very clever. I love things like this, where a crafter finds something that isn’t overtly obvious and pulls it further into the light by making something cool.


That’s exactly what I was going for. I love to do lesser known/recognized characters!

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Super cute! It looks so perfect!

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Perfect depiction! What a great hidden item.

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Wonderful rendition! I knew I knew that face from somewhere!

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