Beer Booties/socks! End of 2019 post

It is the end of 2019 and I wanted to share one of my latest projects–an adaptation created from a photo of similar crochet socks. A friend requested them for Christmas :slight_smile:


HA HA HA! These are AWESOME!

Those are amazing!!

Lol. These are great.

OMG! I just saw a post on Facebook about these. AMAZING!!!

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OMG, those are hilarious!

LOL These are fantastic!!

Gimme a sec, gotta put on my drinkin’ socks! LOL :smiley:

Pretty sure those need to live at my house. :smile:

Great project!

These are hilarious! Well done! :joy:

These are so fun! I’ll bet your friend loved them!

Those are AMAZING! :beer::beer::beer:

These are great!

Oh, my gosh. These are fantastic!

OMG it’s HILARIOUS! I mean, it’s a bad idea for some people (I am 100% certain I would be get the handles stuck in stuff around the house), of course my clumsiness doesn’t matter when it comes to how funny the socks are :smiley:

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Those are HILARIOUS! I know so many home brewers, this would be amazing to wear to their annual Octoberfest party :joy: