Bees and Sunflower Tea Towels

I love the colors in these tea towels. I stitched these up for my partner in a color in a box swap ( a swap I did with a few friends). She loves bees and sunflowers.


Very pretty! Love those colors.

So beautiful!

The colors are soft and so pretty. This is perfect to get someone out of the winter blues. Spring is right around the corner!

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These are so pretty! The colors are bright and cheery, but also soft. The bee on the hexagon is my favorite detail.

Those are both so lovely!

Absolutely gorgeous!!

I treasure the beautiful teatowels you sent me a while back in a swap. One has cherries on it, and funnily enough, the town weโ€™ve moved to is the cherry capital of Australia, so itโ€™s even more perfect :cherries: :cherry_blossom:

This is so cheery and perfect for spring!

You always find the sweetest patterns and your stitching is always perfect! These are beautiful.