Before and after cabinet makeover

I wish for all who will read my topic have a beautiful day :heart::rose:

The story of this project
This is belong to my dad and as you know from my last blog he passed away , this cabinet was broken and was not in good condition as you can see from the below photos

And I needed shoes store for my house so i took it and recycle it

P.s the old was not real wood it just MDF sheet for wood lovers also my house modern style so I couldn’t have the old style on my house

Here is the video hope you enjoy it


Hope this idea inspires you :heart::rose:


What a great makeover!

Wow! That came out beautiful!!

Beautiful makeover!

this doesn’t even look like the same thing! Great job!

I needed this today

It’s totally transformed! Shiny!

Beautiful transformation. Can you tell us some of how you did it?