Believe in Yourself Handkerchief

This was a super quick stitch. I made it as a thank you for a sweet friend.


Super sweet. I love the cluster of dandelion seeds and the lettering is perfect.

Sometimes the simplest stuff make the most beautiful things!

Love the dandelion seeds blowing away to new adventures…

Be"leaf" in yourself :slight_smile:


This is so perfect. Neat and pretty, a lovely gift and an example of excellent stitching. Your friend is lucky to have you- as a friend AND a gifts crafter!

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Very pretty! And a great message.

Awwww! This is just so sweet! Great stitching, great message, and pretty handkerchief.

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It’s so pretty. I had to look twice to see the “secret” stitches that are so soft–especially the white ones on the bottom. I’m sure your friend will love it.

Super cute!

It’s such a lovely gift! The dandelion design is so pretty and the colors are perfect.

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Quick stitch? Your stitching skills are amazing because even if it’s simple it looks so perfect. Is it quick because it’s machine embroidered? XD Really cute handkerchief

This turned out great. I love the colors in the da dandelion!

Oh wow, that is so pretty!

I can’t believe how amazing your stitching is, those “written” words!!! :flushed:

This rocks :metal:t2:

Lovely stitching as always


This is charming

I like the pairing between the maple leave and the wind wisher.

The sentiment is also lovely.


The lettering is perfection, you are just so great at this!