Benny the Baby Brontosaur

I know brontosaurus isn’t a thing anymore, but my inner child can’t let it go. That and I can’t resist the alliteration :rofl:.

Meet Benny. He’s a curious little guy with a mischievous smile who loves getting into trouble and playing with friends. Though he’s purple he wants you to know he’s not related to that other purple dinosaur and prefers break dancing to singing. He’s just over 2 inches tall, made from polymer clay and finished with acrylics. He has cute little spots and blue freckles.

And just to show how much difference a bit of acrylic paint detail makes, here’s benny before his glam up this weekend.

Benny was created for Craft Stars Garage Sale and will be available for adoption there.



Oh my goodness, he is so cute! I love those tiny teeth and such a fun expression!

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Gah, I love him so much!

And this is the stick I needed to get off my wallet. :joy:

A purple apatosaurus guards my home and body and relationship.

A glitter one for the kid when they move out officially is just the thing.


Thank you @gozer, @photojenn, and @endymion!

@sloth003 - I remember you posting that! I hope you are able to snag Benny. If not, I’ll make him a little brother for you.


He’s sooo cute!! I think most of us here are of the generation that has trouble letting go of brontosaurus. :sweat_smile:

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Thank you! Between brontosaurus and Pluto, I feel vaguely betrayed by science. :rofl:


Hmmm, deep thoughts. You made another adorable dino, colored Purple (movie), he dances instead of singing, his name is Benny which is somewhat familiar.

Have you let everyone know that you live next to the town where he was founded/created? Not Benny; the other guy.

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We do not speak of the evil purple one. I’m still traumatized from when my kids were little :rofl:.

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SOOOO KEWWWWWWT! What a sweet baby.


Thank you!

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I love Benny. He is the most adorable purple Dino in the history of ever!

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Thanks! He was fun to make :slightly_smiling_face:!

Sorry I’m just seeing this now, but he’s FANTASTIC!!


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