Bernie with a Comfy Chair

My niece begged me to make her a Bernie doll, which I did…but, my brother said it would not be complete without a chair, so it took me longer since I had to use what I had on hand.

The doll was fairly easy, with the hard parts being the glasses and the frigging mittens.
I used metallic embroidery threads wrapped on the wires to make them look better and I just painted some scrap fleece to make the mittens.

The chair is cardboard from some packing in a Wayfair box that I covered with some soft suiting fabric. The legs are painted corks from wine bottles that were consumed during the last four years…I had lots of corks… :grin:.

I think Bernie would have looked less grumpy if he had a more comfy chair…

Anyway, it is done and on it’s way to her!


He’s adorable!

This is awesome! (Luckily for him, the mask hides his grumpiness!)

It turned out fab! And I love the wee chair you constructed for Bernie…it’s perfect!

He’s so awesome!!! Love the chair! :laughing:

He’s absolutely perfect! Can’t wait to finish mine!

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The hair! Oh, my heart… This is fabulous.

This is by far the best rendition I’ve seen. I love the fact that you painted his little mittens! And his crazy hair is perfect!

This is amazing!

Hahaha! I love that you made Bernie a little more comfortable.

Love this! His hair is the best.

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Ohmigosh this is wonderful! You have him down to a ‘T’!! Awesome job

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Yours looks great! The glasses were a nightmare. The mittens I didn’t have any issues with. But if anyone asks me to make another if these, my answer will be sure, but I’m not making the glasses! Lol. Love the chair you made, too!


I hear you! If it were not my niece, I would not have made him…I told her she is to tell any of the other nurses she works with that it is a “once and done”…


Super cute!

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